Preparing To Take Flight - Textile Art
Preparing To Take Flight - Textile Art
Preparing To Take Flight - Textile Art
Preparing To Take Flight - Textile Art
Invisible Practices

Preparing To Take Flight - Textile Art

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*please note* This piece will be part a group installation at Arden Fair, Sacramento, CA until November 30th 2021. It will be ready to ship by December 5th 2021. 

Preparing to Take Flight

This piece is made from cotton canvas, procion dyes, and embroidery floss. 

Dimensions: 18" x20.5"


Textile Art Collection

The Psyche Will Have Its Way-From The Desk Of Patricia Wheeler

In 1994, when I was 16, I took a class with my dad, where we first took some time to meditate, clear our minds and ground our energy. Then we proceeded to draw- without a planned outcome. We melted into the process of allowing the colors to flow across the page.

The facilitator, Patricia Wheeler, kept saying "The Psyche WiIl Have Its Way." and it did. After we were all finished, we went around the room and looked at each others work. Images came out of the drawing that were not intentional, but resonated so much with the artist and the other people in the class.
It was the first time I had experienced the invisible communicating with me. 

It was a pivotal moment in my life, and I kept all the handouts and papers she gave us. 

A few years ago, I brought out the papers and saw the stamp on all the paper "From The Desk Of Patricia Wheeler." That is why this collection has this subtitle. It is a nod of gratitude to Ms. Wheeler, and maybe even a subtle way to call her back to me and thank her in person. 

This collection was made with this process in mind. I took time before I began the dye process to ground my energy, clear my head, and sing a song to myself and all who surrounded me (birds, trees, grasses, insects, etc). 

Once I finish dyeing the canvas, washing it out, drying and ironing,I spend time looking for images that my psyche wants me to see. I consider these divine messages, and my body helps me to understand them. 

What do you see?  

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