DEEP ECOLOGY Restoring Soul and Environment with California Native Plants -- A Workshop Series

Restoring Soul and Environment Through California Native Plants 

ecol·​o·​gy | \ i-ˈkä-lə-jē 
Definition of ecology:  
: Concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environments

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What is it?

A 90 minute monthly workshop series to dive deep into one California native plant each month. We will:
  • talk about the ecological benefits of planting native and specific benefits of the plant of the month
  • connect deeper to your intuition and imaginal realm by meeting the plant intuitively and energetically through guided meditation, and journaling.
  • we will be reviewing the natural dye process and techniques to get optimal color-ways of the plant of the month via slideshow presentation and Q&A. Each month, we will focus on a new way of being creative with the natural dye, for example, fabric dyeing, creating natural dye paint, and block printing with natural dye. 

Who is it for?

For those who feel want community and tools to transform anxiety, urgency and fear. For those who crave to feel universally supported and connect deeper to their intuition and create intimate, restorative and creative relationships with their soul and the environment.

Connecting to your intuition and the green world provides you extra guidance and support to feel more grounded and live a richer, more easeful and magical life.  

What You Will Get Out of the Workshop:

learn about why natives are integral to our survival

connect more deeply to and feel more supported by your soul center, creativity and intuition 

uncover the magic of your local ecology 

build your imagination and creativity

mitigate anxiety and be more grounded and centered in your nervous system 

learn how to slow down and be present 

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We are not meant to navigate life alone! There are physical and non-physical helpers all around us, we just need to activate our imagination and intuition to connect to them.  

What to expect! 

  • Month 1  SATURDAY, January 23rd 11:00am- 12:30 pm PST
    • California Buckwheat - Eriogonum fasciculatum
  • Month 2 SATURDAY, February 20th 11:00am- 12:30 pm PST
    • Black Sage - Salvia mellifera
  • Month 3 SATURDAY, March 20th 11:00am- 12:30 pm PST
  •           Sagebrush - Artemesia Californica


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  • Access to call recordings if you can't make it live.
  • Free PDF on natural dye steps and resources.  
  • Premier access to the monthly capsule collection featuring the plant of the month. 

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 You’re in the right place if…

  • You want to help in restoring the environment
  • You feel disconnected to your creativity and intuition 
  • You are looking for a creative breakthrough or a creative break.
  •  You want to connect to and create a poetic relationship to yourself, the human, and the nonhuman world. 
  • You want to go beyond surface or scientific monographs of plants  


This program isn’t for you if….

    • You aren’t willing to open your imagination mind and you're unwilling to try things that may not be familiar.
    • You only want facts and science around learning about California native plants
    • You’re committed to limiting beliefs around what communication and connection is. 
    • You are not interested in supportive group setting

About Roxanne

Roxanne received her BA and MA in poetry from San Francisco State University in 2008. She has been teaching classes and facilitating workshops since 2012.

Roxanne offers one- on-one Reiki infused meditation and tarot counseling sessions.

Roxanne continues to integrate her practices into a holistic, balancing art form of intuitive creative play.   

You can also find her on Instagram at @InvisiblePractices

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Why Is Intuitive Creativity Important?  

When we are in touch with our intuitive creativity, we are present on our path and value the process because we are in integrity and our most authentic self.

It is our feministic form of expressing ourselves because we are in a natural state of introspection, receptivity and presence with our soul.  We leave our mind and return to the body.

When we are close to our intuition, we can live more easily from a place of authenticity, like a child in the flow, playing with toys or digging in the sand. Every decision we make in our daily, mundane lives, is a piece of the path.

Creativity is the use of imagination, and our imagination is directly linked to how we see the world. We create to fulfill our souls. There is an innate desire to manifest our thoughts and ideas. We all have creativity inside of us that connects us to our inner knowing, flow, and joy.

Getting back in touch with creativity puts us on a path of deeper self-discovery, self- awareness and self- acceptance.   


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