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*New! Remote Workshop Offering*

Expanding Intuition Via Flower Essences Workshop Sign Up Here! 

August 16th from 11am-1:00pm

*Must signup by August 11th in order to receive materials via snail mail on time!


Are you curious about connecting deeper with our invisible world?  Are you interested in building your trust and expanding your intuition? Come learn about flower essences, their energetic medicine, and how to work with them!  We will discuss the basics of flower essences and how to use them as a gateway into your inner knowing. We will discuss the brief modern history of flower essences, choosing a flower to work with, making an essence, and different ways to work with your essences. When used correctly, this powerful home remedy can build your relationship to your intuition and create emotional balance and wellbeing.

We will practice attunement (becoming aware of and receptive to energetic medicine) through a short meditation and group attunement and conversation with an unrevealed essence. After then initial attunement, I will reveal what flower I used, and we will attune again with another discussion to follow.  

by August 11th, I will send you the "secret" flower essence to work with during the workshop as well as a Basics of Flower Essence Mini Booklet.

What is a flower essence? Flower essences are energetic medicine (as opposed to physical medicine). They are the energetic imprint of a flower in water and a preservative (typically alcohol, apple cider vinegar or glycerin).  Essences contain deep energetic medicine that facilitate shifts in emotional and mental states to encourage overall wellbeing and fortify the work we do in a session. You can find the unique flower essence blends I have created in the shop.

Suggested materials list for attendees: journal and pen

 $50 per student (includes materials)

 Expanding your Intuition with Flower Essences: Sunday, August 16th at 11am!

Last day to signup: August 11th!

About Roxanne

Roxanne received her BA and MA in poetry from San Francisco State University in 2008. She has been teaching classes and facilitating workshops since 2012.

Roxanne offers one- on-one Reiki infused meditation and tarot counseling sessionsthrough her website at

Roxanne continues to integrate her practices into a holistic, balancing art form of intuitive creative play.   

You can also find her on Instagram at @InvisiblePractices


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