Living With More Trust, Ease and Creativity- Flowing Through The Creation Cycle With Intuitive Creativity

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Join Us For A Six Week Small Group Supportive Program

What is it?

A 6 week online program specifically for folks who are craving a deeper connection to their true spirit, the human and nonhuman world and who are seeking more ease and calm in daily life and attaining goals by becoming aware of what phases you are in in the creation cycle to access the flow of your intuitive creativity.


What You Will Learn:

How to: 

Flow through the three phases of the Creation Cycle with Intuitive Creativity in order to: 

build self trust

mitigate anxiety

get out of your critical self

make more authentic decisions

be more creative and imaginative

save time and stress by making better decisions

break down societal pressures of inadequacy and urgency

maneuver through obstacles and fears with more ease and grace

What you will get:

  • downloadable weekly lessons (sent out every Sunday for 6 weeks) with lessons and action steps that you have access to forever!  
First weeks module goes out on  11/1/2020
    • Week One *The nuts and bolts of the Creation Cycle + intuitive creativity*
    • Week Two *Returning to Be*
    • Week Three *Attention and Awe*
    • Week Four *Creative Flow*
    • Week Five *Connection to place*
    • Week Six *Personal Symbology + Tools To Take With You*
    • Small group coaching and supportive accountability group every other Wednesday at 6pm PST
    • 3 live group calls to share, support, and learn from each other (these will be recorded if you can't make it live)  11/11 * 11/25 * 12/6 * at 6pm PST




  • $297  (the lowest price this program will ever be offered!

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    Plus 3 essential bonuses!

    • Call recordings to keep forever

    • Unlimited support in a private Whatsapp group to connect and share downloadable 

    • downloadable guided mediations

    You’re in the right place if…

    • You feel disconnected to your creativity and intuition 
    • You are critical of the choices you make. 
    • If you are feeling caught up in always doing, but never feeling a sense of achievement or success in goals. 
    • You feel guilty for resting
    • You put your productivity before your peace of mind
    •  you are looking for a creative breakthrough or a creative break.
    •  you want to connect to and create a poetic relationship to yourself, the human, and the nonhuman world. 
    • you want to practice mindfulness and creativity in a practical and non-precious approach.  
    • Whether you identify as creative or not.


    This program isn’t for you if…

      • You have it all figured out.
      • You aren’t willing to open your beginner’s mind and you're unwilling to try things that aren’t comfortable.
      • You’re committed to limiting beliefs around what success and achievement means and feels to you. 
      • If you are not interested in supportive small group setting

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    Why Is Intuitive Creativity Important?  

    When we are in touch with our intuitive creativity, we are present on our path and value the process because we are in integrity and our most authentic self.

    It is our feministic form of expressing ourselves because we are in a natural state of introspection, receptivity and presence with our soul.  We leave our mind and return to the body.

    When we are close to our intuition, we can live more easily from a place of authenticity, like a child in the flow, playing with toys or digging in the sand. Every decision we make in our daily, mundane lives, is a piece of the path.

    Creativity is the use of imagination, and our imagination is directly linked to how we see the world. We create to fulfill our souls. There is an innate desire to manifest our thoughts and ideas. We all have creativity inside of us that connects us to our inner knowing, flow, and joy.

    Getting back in touch with creativity puts us on a path of deeper self-discovery, self- awareness and self- acceptance.   


    About Roxanne

    Roxanne received her BA and MA in poetry from San Francisco State University in 2008. She has been teaching classes and facilitating workshops since 2012.

    Roxanne offers one- on-one Reiki infused meditation and tarot counseling sessions.

    Roxanne continues to integrate her practices into a holistic, balancing art form of intuitive creative play.   

    You can also find her on Instagram at @InvisiblePractices