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It Doesn't Have To Be Precious

coming mid February 2023
acrylic on primed canvas



acrylic on raw canvas


California Native Plant Collection

VENUS Collection February 2022

Venus is the planet of beauty, love and values. We recently came out of Venus retrograde (a great time for slowing down and reevaluating relationships and values ...hint..this can be the relationship to your Self too), and I feel it is the perfect time to to birth this new art collection entitled VENUS into the world!

Over the last few month (and years) I've been working through what my values truly are, and what genuinely makes me feel alive. This painting collection is me channeling my joy and reverence for color and creativity- two things I hold in very high value. 


Arden Fair UnchARTed Revolving Window Gallery 

November 2021 - December 2021


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