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Roxanne Brodeur Young is an abstract artist, clothing and surface designer based in California, USA.

Roxanne's passion is working in creative connection to nature and Spirit to encourage development of relationships with the human and non-human world to live a more joyful and richer life. Her hope is that the bold colors and unique designs in her art and patterns will encourage those who wear her fabrics and see her art to inspirit the everyday. She portrays her personal lessons and messages through color, images and poetry. 

Roxanne lives and works in between San Francisco and Sacramento, CA. 

 You can follow along on Instagram at @invisiblepractices_art

Roxanne received her BA and MA in poetry from San Francisco State University in 2008 and is Reiki II certified.  She continuously works on deepening her relationship to her intuition and the natural world through music, cardology, communing with plants, herbal medicine, and astrology. 


Art Shows:

 "OFF THE GRID: Contemporary Fiber Art" November 2022- A juried group fiber art show at The Barn Gallery, Woodland CA

“Textures” September 2022 A juried group fiber art show at WAL Public Gallery

“Art Class” September 2022 A group art show Arthouse on R Sacramento, CA

“Soft Medicine” August 2022 Roxanne co-curated a group fiber art show all inspired by California native plants. Tamaone, Olema, CA

“A Group Art Show” July 2022 A group art show at WAL Public Gallery, Sacramento,CA

“The Heart of Sacramento” April 2022 Celebrating Sacramento’s Black and local artists at Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA

"Layers" Oct-Dec 2018 group art show with Lisa Ostipinski, Rare Bird, Oakland, CA

"100 Under 100" 2017, WAL Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Annual Fiber Art Show March 2016, Highland Art Center, Weaverville,CA

Common Thread August 2015, Delta Workshop, Sacramento, CA


Belle Armoire Sept/Oct/November 2018 issue "Healing Fiber" by Roxanne M.Young

Submerge Magazine“Rope and Twine. Roxanne Young Brings her Fiber Art and Fashion to the R Street Block Party” May 2016

Painted Sidewalks, “Digs” October 2015


Clients and Shops:

SF MoMA, San Francisco, CA      

Kitkitdizzi, Nevada City, CA

Sea to See, Point Reyes, CA

Bell Jar, Los Angeles, CA

PMA Acupuncture, Sacramento, CA

Uppercloud Media, Oakland, CA

Tejido Collective, Carmel Valley, CA

Solstice Mercantile, Fairfax, CA


Past Workshops:

Deep Ecology Feb-March 2021(zoom) Restoring Soul and environment with California native plants. Learned about the benefits of certain CA native plants, deep communing with a specific plant through guided meditation, and learning how to use the plant as a dye on natural fibers.

Natural Dye with Avocado Pits 2018-2020 Olema,CA + San Francisco, CA

Tarot through the Zodiac Beginning April 2021 (zoom) via Gather Workshop.

Tarot and the Zodiac December 2021 (zoom) via Rec Center

Saturn and The Devil in Tarot Febraruy 2020 (Sacramento,CA) A collaborative workshop with Roxanne and Laura Tabet, diving into tarot, astrology, ritual and energy healing