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Roxanne Brodeur Young is an intuitive tarot reader, fiber artist and designer.  She offers workshops in a variety of subjects from tarot, befriending your shadow through the tarot, building intuition through flower essences, and plant dye and creative workshops.

Her passion is working with others in connection to and developing relationships with the natural world. 

She works with natural fibers, procion dye, and plant dyes inspired by the seasonal colors and happenings.  As an aspiring western herbalist, Roxanne works closely with the plants she harvests to develop a relationship to fully appreciate and utilize their energetic and physical medicine. She portrays her personal lessons and messages in her art through color, images and poetry. She harvests local plants from her private garden and community.

Roxanne lives and works in between San Francisco and the tiny, historic town of Isleton, Ca on the Sacramento Delta. 

You can follow along on Instagram at @invisiblepractices

Roxanne received her BA and MA in poetry from San Francisco State University in 2008.  She continuously works on deepening her relationship to her intuition and the natural world through music, tarot and other various forms of cartomancy, communing with plants, plant healing, flower essences, and metaphor.  She continuously studies western herbalism, astro- herbalism, flower essence therapy, acupuncture emotional system, and Reiki.


Art Shows and Press

Art Shows:

"Layers" Oct-Dec 2018 group art show with Lisa Ostipinski, Rare Bird, Oakland, CA

"100 Under 100" 2017, WAL Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Annual Fiber Art Show” March 2016, Highland Art Center, Weaverville,CA

Common Thread” August 2015, Delta Workshop, Sacramento, CA



Belle Armoire Sept/Oct/November 2018 issue "Healing Fiber" by Roxanne M.Young

Submerge Magazine“Rope and Twine. Roxanne Young Brings her Fiber Art and Fashion to the R Street Block Party” May 2016

Painted Sidewalks, “Digs” October 2015