Enivrez Vous #2 (10x10) Textile Art
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Enivrez Vous #2 (10x10) Textile Art

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Enivrez Vous

Inspired from the prose poem by Charles Baudelaire entitled Enivrez Vous (Get Drunk) where he talks about getting drunk on whatever your specialty of choice is...the wind, the birds, wine, poetry....whatever you choose!

My choice is art, working with natural fibers, plant and procion dyes, and intuition. I like to see where my intuition takes me in order to connect each piece together in just the right way. Images come out of the dye work that speaks to me and I outline it in embroidery floss.


Raw Silk, procion dye, avocado pits, California Buckwheat, embroidery floss

Wall art piece 10 x10" (framed)


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