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It Doesn't Need To Be Precious

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It Doesn’t Need To Be Precious

This series is inspired by my realization, that nothing needs to be precious when it comes to Spirit work and growth, and connecting deeper to ourselves and the world and people around us. It doesn’t need to be precious. It can be silly and wild and ugly and messy, authentic and vulnerable - it doesn’t need to be precious.

I was in my last session with my Akashic Records mentor, Cassandra ,of Filling the Vessel and discussing why I seem to have a hard time reading for others, and I realized it was because I felt like things had to be just so, a perfect set up with candles and music and all the pretty things- but in this moment, I connected very deeply- in my messy studio over Zoom, after having two martinis the night before. So all of this anxiety about it not being "precious" enough was getting in the way of being able to open up. 

The spirit world is not serious- it just wants you to connect. 

Painting has been my way of connecting very deeply- unbeknownst to me! Over the years of painting and honing my skills, I've realized how deeply I am connecting to my Spirit and Soul when I paint. I call this Intuitive Creativity. 

A new series of larger works is coming out slowly for February 2023. 

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